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Вторник, 27 июня 2017

Dystopia 2012 (французский) - Alexey Lushnikov

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New book-thinking broadcaster, journalist and social activist Alexey Lushnikov imaginary romance of the USSR, on the outcome of the last 20 years, the total lies, about the state the "roof" of the civil society, the role of the United States ...

Alexey Lushnikov interest in each of its many social and professional roles: the famous television presenter, journalist, producer, creator and director of the TV channel "Your public television!" And another social activist, journalist, politanalitik, artist ...

Guests book stores writers Alexey Lushnikov offers to discuss one of his recent books, thinking, "Dystopia 2012."

Today, many claim to believe in Russia and in its future. But hardly anyone says it's time to act, his life more colorful and modern. And, without waiting for orders from "above" the approval of others or the occurrence of the right moment. How? Destroy all barriers to become a better, kinder and more intelligent. It's not easy, but the power of each thinking person.

Often uglier truth about ourselves, our history, government and politics, the relationship between people and the state of society, as represented in this book, is unlikely to sleep. But will give a chance to get rid of disfiguring consciousness dies and phobias.

Buy the book (printed version) in retail or wholesale (in Russia and abroad) by sending a request with a phone to email: tamara-piter@yandex.ru